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I don’t say this lightly, breathing with Gregorio changed my life forever. Just through breath, I traveled to a place in my mind's eye where I left my body and joined the spirit world. It showed me that there’s more to us than just our bodies and that I could go there anytime through meditation. Gregorio is a pure hearted masterful facilitator that will take you to new heights.
Nadav Wilf
Founder and CEO - Head Alignment Coach | former Chief Possibilities Officer - HeroX
Breathing guided by Greogrio, I had one of the craziest experiences of my life. I was breathing sitting back to back with my husband and I had never felt so connected to him. I also felt deeply connected with everyone in the room and with everyone in the world. I had experienced the oneness I had just read about. It was so profound that I asked Gregorio to lead a session at our wedding. Then I brought Gregorio and Andrea to come lead a session at the opening of my company in Singapore and it was truly powerful.
Helena Wasserman Erikson
Impact Investor | TEDx Speaker | Forbes 30 under 30
Breath means life, we all know that. What we do not know maybe is that you can reach a new level of energy if you approach this ancestral/primordial exercise collectively driven by a professionals like Gregorio and Andrea. You'll be part of a wide and energetic experience capable of delivering unsuspected intimate and refreshing stream of emotion. Good food for soul.
Mario Almondo
General Manager of Performance Division - Brembo S.p.A | former COO Industrial Director Senior Vice President - Ferrari S.p.A
Gregorio is one of those extraordinary individuals that have conquered one of the most important lessons and the secret of life – live from your heart and never close! His story was an inspiration to find my own path, he lives in constant flow, projects light to the world and brightens the way for others. I did witness the transformation of an entire group while we performed the breath of one, leading to a sense of connection as never experienced. Together with Andrea, a passionate, courageous, sensitive, caring and absolutely gorgeous woman! they make magic balancing the power of masculine and feminine energies for co-creation and transformation!
Arancha Muelas
Director, Brand & Content Strategy - MadBlue Summit | Former Director Global Brand Strategy at Vistaprint
We breathe all day and night so it’s easy to forget the transcendent power of breathwork. Breathe Of One is an experience of Union, liberation, power, and surrender. If you’ve never truly explored the power of the breath, Gregorio will guide you on one of the most magical journeys of your life.
David Block
Composer/Producer - The Human Experience - Gone Gone Beyond
My experience with Breathe Your Freedom has helped me to release stuck emotions and energy and to feel so much lighter and happier in my life. It has become a precious tool for me to rest myself when I feel a little bit unbalanced. Andrea & Gregorio are such an inspiration. They are so loving and caring. With BYF they have created an incredible program and they have made me feel very welcomed and safe.
Felizia Baze
Gregorio lead a large group into a breathing exercise with a mixture of confidence, care, and joy. He is dedicated to being a skillful practitioner and guide.
Tom Chi
Founding Partner - At One Ventures | former Head of Experience - Google X
Breath Of One is a transformational experience that will unlock your hidden energy. Unlike many so-called ‘holistic’ practices, BOO is rooted in solid scientific evidence and delivers a mind-bending journey that will inspire even the most skeptical audiences.
Andrea Aicardi
VP of Growth - Neosensory Inc. | former Senior Manager, Strategy and Operations - SquareTrade I MIT Graduate
Breath of One was an incredible experience unlike anything I’ve ever tried. It was a deep, intense, and powerful way to blow past the constraints of the mind into greater awareness.
Jess Lively
Founder - The Lively Show
Andrea and Gregorio are wonderful human beings with so much positive energy and good hearts. Their group breathwork class left me feeling uplifted and renewed, and all of the group more connected to each other. Highly recommended and I can't wait for the next time!
Julian Tse
Speaker & Moderator - Harvard Project for Asian and International Relationships I Photographer | Oxford Graduate
I had a profound experience during the ‘breath of one’!! I could feel how it was healing me on all levels, emotional, physical, mental and spiritually. I recommend everyone to experience it!
Frederik Talloen
Best Selling Author and Founder - Freedom Mastery | CEO - Property Cashflow Experts LLC
Gregorio's Breath of One is the most powerful breathwork experience I've had and can only be compared with my most powerful medicine ceremonies. Gregorio's huge heart and passionate sessions are sure to bring you more clarity, open your heart and take you to realms not accessible in ordinary states of consciousness. Do it if you have the opportunity and take your loved ones along to share it with them!
David Langer
Founder - Zesty | Founding Partner - Lionheart Ventures | Oxford Graduate
Doing Breathwork through Breath Your Freedom has helped me heal physically, spiritually and emotionally. In 2019, I was working at the Mexican border on a humanitarian mission when I developed acute bronchitis. As a result, I had a continuous phlegm that persisted for 2 years. After doing deep breathing with BYF, I noticed my lungs were clear and the phlegm was gone. Breathwork is also teaching me to live a lifestyle of self-love. Andrea and Gregorio’s sensual voices and beautiful music are my guide to be more aware of my spirit and emotions and also helps to clear my mind. Some nights while doing the breathwork I would start dancing spontaneously, other times I would cry tears of joy from overwhelming feelings of gratitude. Mostly, I enjoy being part of the global community with other amazing individuals throughout the world who are on the same journey. Andrea and Gregorio have created a truly special space, bringing us all together to share our experiences and making it so intimate it’s as if we are all sitting around the dinner table—BYF is priceless!
Jacqueline Matos
Conference Planner | Project Manager
When people tell me they did breathwork, I always have questions of its quality because had the privilege of experiencing it with Gregorio Avanzini and was truly life-changing. The first time, I had the experience of not being afraid of a genetic life-ending disease that runs in my family called Huntington’s disease. The second experience of breathwork with him left me complete with no regrets or blame for my father or myself when he passed of that disease. AND in that same session, I discovered not only wanted to move to Bali, but it was a hell yeah for me. 4 months later, I sold all my things and made the leap. I am forever grateful for the care and integrity that he delivers in his work. Thank you for the impact you have had on my life. ❤️🙏🏼
Simon Nicolas Pelland
Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer
As a beginner into meditation and breathwork, I highly recommend the Breath your Freedom course.

The guided music sessions were extremely powerful and I noticed the impact on different aspects from calming my mind before bed and staying asleep during the night, to reaching a state of bliss by being able to connect my mind, body and soul. This is a truly unique program and Gregorio and Andrea have created a fun, community based approach to breathwork and meditation that is accessible to all levels.
Jennie Tolfa
Project Architect - Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill


Gregorio will guide you through the fear and into the truth. I have come to realize that we are here to learn how to love, period. For those of us that have the courage to truly commit to this mandate, choose Gregorio as your coach.
Jeffrey Perlman
CSO - Mindvalley I former Global CMO - Zumba
Andrea is this shining star that brings purpose and intention to the next level. From doubt she found courage to take action and brave fear, overcoming her darkness to build her light. Thank you for your inspiration and teachings that resonate with me. I follow your path and learn from it too.
Claire Fermont Langlais
VP - Aerin Estée Lauder I former Head of Innovation - Calvin Klein Fragrances
Gregorio Avanzini is a warrior of light. I have no doubt he will help humanity going forward, in an amazing matter, by empowering others to reconnect to their hearts and souls. My life changed for the better by crossing paths with him.
Ronny Turiaf
NBA Champion I former LA Lakers Player
Andrea works from the heart and sees limitless possibilities. I feel lucky to be lifted and inspired by her. I admire her courage to do the inner work. She brings those learnings to everyone she touches. I’m always looking forward to learning and experiencing what she does next.
Anna Vorrias
CMO - Ethique I former VP - Fresh LVMH
My coaching sessions with Gregorio unlocked new doors for my personal growth and advanced me tremendously - I highly recommend working with him! His presence radiates confidence, sincerity, wisdom, love and purpose. Embraced by a bubble of trust I opened up quickly almost effortlessly worked through tough questions finding surprisingly simple truths and new approaches I was able to pursue. A wonderful and enriching experience.
Andy Kaul
Manager - Microsoft Consulting I former Director SAM - Microsoft
Gregorio is one of those extraordinary individuals that have conquered one of the most important lessons and the secret of life – live from your heart and never close! His story was an inspiration to find my own path, he lives in constant flow, projects light to the world and brightens the way for others.
Arancha Muelas
Director, Brand & Content Strategy - MadBlue Summit | Former Director Global Brand Strategy at Vistaprint
Coaching with Gregorio has brought new heights to my life. He radiates warmth and energy that allows you to open up to find the inner truth from within. He's incredibly gifted at providing unique insights and shared experiences to guide and enhance your life. He isn't afraid to challenge pre-conceived thoughts and notions in a tactful and unique way, even if it's hard to hear. As new thoughts and "original content" are really what helps us evolve and move forward, Gregorio is able to evoke the path from the heart and guide a profound way of thinking that can only be described as "Gregorio".
Mark Lawrence
Founder and CEO - SpotHero
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